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NHS Trusts to disclose VAT mitigation letter

IHPA authorises NHS Trusts to disclose VAT mitigation letter in relation to FOI requests

Response to SoS Health and Social Care

A statement regarding the comments of Health Secretary Matt Hancock, in targeting its members as covered in the HSJ.

Probe of Public Sector IR35 Reform Practice

We’re beginning a detailed and systematic probe of public sector organisation’s processes with respect to the public sector ‘IR35’ reforms.

NHS bosses in an unlawful tax dodge

Bosses and Financial Directors of NHS trusts up and down the country are being implicated in a multi-million-pound tax dodge.

Locum Doctors Succeed In Overturning Unfair Tax Rule

Two unions representing locum doctors, nurses and allied healthcare professionals have today succeeded in overturning a new tax rule.

How the latest decisive IR35 tribunal victory affects the locum market

The IHPA is delighted to note the decisive court victory of Jensal Software Ltd in its IR35 Tribunal against HMRC.

Unlawful Deductions of Apprenticeship Levy

There is hope for contractors under #FalseEmployment and paying both their employee and employer taxes.

False employment contracts will lead to patient safety risk

Almost all (98%) of independent healthcare professionals would consider seeking work outside the NHS in response to a real-terms pay cut caused by blanket IR35 tax reforms.